Naval Museum  USS Barry

Naval Museum USS Barry

The National Museum of the US Navy, opened to the public in 1963 at the Washington Navy Yard on the Potomac River, is the only museum around dedicated to presenting a complete overview of the US Navy. Exhibits present the fighting spirit of the Navy in American history and the evolving technology it relies upon, from the American Revolution to WWII to the present day. Other exhibits showcase the Navy in peacetime, including its role in Polar exploration, participation in international diplomacy, and active humanitarian service.
  • Come aboard decommissioned Forrest Sherman class destroyer USS Barry and discover the life and work of a sailor in the Navy during the Cold War
  • Hear the stories of Naval heroes in battle throughout the wars America has fought
  • Learn about the tools and skills needed to navigate a ship out in the open ocean
  • See the Trieste, the deepest diving submersible in the world
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