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White House - Washington DC Educational Tours

Washington DC Tours


Students experience the wonder as they step out of the classroom and walk back in time through history at our Nation’s Capital. They’ll strengthen their leadership skills as they witness our national government in action at the US Capitol Building, Supreme Court, and White House. They’ll develop a stronger sense of gratitude and patriotism as they tour Arlington National Cemetery and Memorials dedicated to the remembrance of those who have sacrificed so much on behalf of our great nation. They'll feel the energy and power of the world's cradle of Democracy.

Voluntourism (Community Service)

In our educational tours students can become a part of history as they participate in one of our volunteer service activities at a Historical Site or National Park exclusively offered by USA Student Travel.

Sample Itineraries:

Your Washington DC tour includes roundtrip transportation, lodging, meals, and a full time USA Student Travel Tour Director.

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Sites of interest in Washington DC include:

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