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SpeedZone Grad Nite

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SpeedZone Grad Nite
Feel the adrenaline as you celebrate Grad Nite at SpeedZone! Race your friends and fellow Grads on the tracks in the Turbo Cars and other exhilarating racers. Play over 100 video and redemption games in Electric Alley. Slow it down on the two 18-hole mini-golf courses. Enjoy it all with a private booking for your Grad Nite at SpeedZone!

USA Student Travel makes your private SpeedZone Grad Nite exceptional. We can supply what you need including transportation to and from the site, hotel accommodations, admission to SpeedZone, additional tours and attractions, all your meals, liability insurance, invoicing, and staff on-site. With USA Student Travel your Grad Nite will be a blast!


Grad Nite at SpeedZone is an alcohol and drug-free environment where Grads can safely enjoy their special night. Chaperones have the benefit of their own additional resources for the night. Be sure to book in advance to reserve SpeedZone for the date you want.


  • By Reservation Only. Please contact us for availability.

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