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Educational Tours

Since 1976 USA Student Travel has provided unique travel experiences to students and teachers throughout the U.S. Our specialized focus combines learning criteria and state standards and parlays them into educational “hands-on” travel experiences that bring history, understanding, and appreciation to life! Add that to the highest quality group travel standards in accommodations, inclusions and meals in the industry, and you’ve created a “once-in-a-lifetime” exceptional experience. Please join us!

Washington DC Tours

As one of the most popular of our educational tours, Washington DC will enable you to experience the inner workings of our National Government. Explore the White House, tour the interior of our Nation’s Capitol Building, walk the steps of the Supreme Court or National Archives, and spend time absorbing the unique collections at the Smithsonian National Museums. In Washington DC you will visit monuments, memorials, and sacred places dedicated to Americans who have given their lives to preserve and protect our freedoms.

New York City Tours

Known for never sleeping, this "City of Lights" provides different views of our nation’s interaction with the world. Home of the World Bank and United Nations, students learn to act locally but think globally. Favorites include Times Square, Central Park, Broadway Theatres, Statue of Liberty, The Met, or back stage at Radio City Music Hall. For a unique experience try one of our "Broadway Dance Workshop".

Boston Tours

Known for an attitude and great baseball, this city offers some of our Nation’s earliest American Heritage. You'll walk the Freedom Trail, visit Concord, Lexington, Bunker Hill, the Quincy Market, Christ’s Church, Paul Revere’s cemetery and the famous Boston Duck Tours.

Philadelphia Tours

Birthplace of American Independence permeates in this unique city. Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed, Liberty Bell, The Constitution Center, Liberty Museum, Franklin Institute and the famous “Lights of Liberty” all add to the element of intrigue. Of course your visit will include a Philly Cheese Steak!

Gettysburg Tours

Relive history as you stand upon the most famous battlefield of the Civil War and visionary speech by President Lincoln. This location offers an in-depth battlefield tour along with an opportunity to do a Community Service Project at the national park. It also has one of only four remaining "Cycloramas" painted in the late 1880's. For a unique dining experience, you'll be treated to the Dobbin House Pub with locally prepared foods and a historic location of the "underground railroad".

Williamsburg Tours

Colonial government, conversation, speech, dress and food all come alive in this restored historical city. A visit to the Governor's Palace, candle shop, old school house, blacksmiths and Study Visit make this a must see on your tour. A Tavern lunch will add to the Colonial experience!

Richmond Tours

Home of the White House of the Confederacy, St. John's Church, Cannon and Arsenal factory make this a truly interesting location. Pamplin Park and it's interactive museum and restored battlegrounds make this a favorite stop to understand the Civil War.

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